Specific cylinder

Double-acting telescopic cylinders:

HPB is the European specialist in the design and manufacture of double-acting telescopic cylinders and has developed a unique and innovative design for this type of product.
The main application is the telescopic ejection cylinder (or compressor) for refuse collection vehicles.
At our site in Rupt/Moselle, we have an automated production line specially designed for this type of cylinder.
A range of standardised piston rods with diameters of 55, 75, 95, 115 and 135 makes it possible to meet the most common requirements. Other diameters are also available.

Cylinders with internal linear sensor:

Linear sensors enable the control of machine movements and can transform a simple cylinder into a digital axis.
We can help you integrate this technology into the heart of your machines.
HPB has a stock of hollow piston rods for this purpose.
If required, mechanical protection can be applied to the connections.

Cylinders with end of stroke cushioning
Inductive sensors

Inductive sensors

A high-pressure resistant inductive sensor is installed at each end of the cylinder and is activated when the piston passes through.

End position switch

End position switch 

This type of end position contact detects the current flow to the ground of the cylinder when the end of the switch comes into contact with the detection cam.
It is used in very harsh working environments.

Limit switch with M12 connection technology

Limit switch with M12 connection technology

A limit switch can be fitted at either end of the cylinder. A sensor cam connected to the piston closes/opens the contact.
The connection is made via a standardized M12 plug-in connection.
This is the most cost-effective solution.

Cylinders with end of stroke cushioning:

We have a range of solutions that can be used to implement end position cushioning.
The solution is adapted to the machine type in question.